Elevate the surgical experience: 5 healthy recipes with ISOlution®

Nutrition matters, but so does its taste! Incorporating protein into your existing diet can be both exciting and tasty!

The Ortho Nutrition Bundle has been developed to satisfy your taste buds while ensuring your body gets high-quality nutrition before and after surgery. It includes 56 servings of clinical-grade protein isolate called ISOlution®. Patients take this product 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after their surgery. It has been formulated in 2 delicious flavors that everyone loves - Vanilla Bean and Decaf Cold Brew (Coffee)

To easily add ISOlution® into existing diet, our dietitians have developed 5 deliciously healthy recipes to support your journey to a faster recovery.


1. High Protein Cereal

Energize your mornings with our High Protein Cereal recipe. All-Bran Flakes, ISOlution®, and berries make for a quick and nutritious breakfast to kickstart to your day.


2. Ice Crush Smoothie

Chill and revitalize with our Ice Crush Smoothie recipe. With just three ingredients – ISOlution®, milk, and ice – this frosty treat is a breeze to make. Blend it up for a refreshingly creamy delight that's perfect for any time of the day.

3. Strawberry Oatmeal

Start your morning in a healthy way with this delicious strawberry oatmeal recipe using ISOlution®. You can easily make it just the way you like, and it's a tasty change from regular oatmeal.

4. Java Boost

Whether you want a fresh start in the morning or a perk-up in the afternoon, the tasty and aromatic Java Boost can wake up your senses while providing the nutrition your body needs.

5. Berry Chia Yogurt Parfait

As an afternoon delight or a quick treat, savor the goodness of our Berry Chia Yogurt Parfait. Made with just a handful of simple ingredients – 2% plain yogurt, chia seeds, ISOlution®, berries, and granola – this recipe adds a dash of deliciousness to your day.


Surgery can be a stressful event for your body and it is important that you fuel it with the right nutrition. The Ortho Nutrition Bundle was developed with healthcare experts and nutrition researchers to help patients prepare better and recover faster from surgery.

The recipes given above are designed by our dietitians to incorporate the Ortho Nutrition Bundle into the patients' diet for a healthy and appetizing experience.

You can download the complete recipe booklet by clicking here.

Click here to learn more about the Ortho Nutrition Bundle. You can also reach us at 800-619-0783 or email us at info@emnortho.com



Amana Tarar

Enhanced Medical Nutrition