Ortho Nutrition Bundle

Similar to an athlete preparing for a marathon, nutritionally preparing your body for a surgical event can promote a better and faster recovery.

EMN creates evidence-based, clinical grade products designed to improve outcomes and support healthy aging. 

This bundle contains whey protein isolate (ISOlution®) and a preoperative carbohydrate (PREcovery®) that are taken leading up to and following your surgery.

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Each bundle contains a 4-week supply of clinical grade whey protein isolate.

The impact of surgery can result in a severe loss of muscle. This can make recovering a long process and can lead to decreased muscle function. Increasing protein intake before surgery and during rehabilitation can help prevent loss of muscle and support a faster return to activity.

Available in Vanilla Bean and Decaf Cold Brew flavors, ISOlution® contains elevated leucine to maximize muscle mass, and help you bounce back stronger. 



Each bundle contains servings of preoperative carbohydrate.

Fasting before surgery can result in a longer and more difficult recovery process. Consuming carbohydrates ahead of surgery is clinically proven to keep the body in a fed state and reduces the physical stress of surgery. 

PREcovery® is a preoperative carbohydrate used to improve the body's ability to make a faster recovery.


Frequently asked questions

Should I use ISOlution® as a meal replacement?

ISOlution® is not a recommended sole source of nutrition or meal replacement and is best used to supplement a well-balanced diet.

What are the recommended times of day to take both daily servings of ISOlution®?

We recommend taking each serving of ISOlution® between regular meal times, with one serving taken in the morning.

Is this bundle recommended for people with kidney disease?

This bundle is suitable for most people living with early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD); however, use caution if you have been instructed to limit your daily protein intake. We recommend consulting your healthcare professional prior to use.

Can ISOlution® be used as a general protein supplement?

Yes! ISOlution® can be used beyond surgery to help meet optimal protein requirements. Regular supplementation of high-quality protein can prevent muscle loss while aging and support improved muscle function.

Are ISOlution® and PREcovery® sweetened?

Each serving of ISOlution® (both Vanilla Bean and Decaf Cold Brew flavors) is lightly sweetened with 9g of organic coconut sugar. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index and is minimally processed. 

PREcovery® contains only 2g of sugar, and contains natural citrus flavor and stevia.

Is this bundle recommended for people with diabetes?

This bundle is not recommended for people who have Type 1 diabetes. This bundle may be suitable for people who have well controlled Type 2 diabetes, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional prior to use.

How quickly should I drink the servings of PREcovery®?

Each individual serving should be consumed completely within 20 minutes. Ensure that PREcovery® is consumed according to the specific directions given by your healthcare provider.

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